Semalt: How To Download A Site In Chrome?

Google Chrome now allows you to download a site for offline browsing, and it is good news for those who are away from their WiFi due to the one reason or another. You can choose from a large number of applications and Chrome extensions to easily download partial or entire websites, videos, audio files, and images without compromising on quality.

1. is one of the best applications to download a site in Chrome. With this service, you can download any video, text file, or image to your hard drive with just a few clicks. has an Automatic button, making the action easier and simpler. You can download content from Twitter and Facebook too, or can download media files and convert them to MP4, MP3, 3GP WEBM, and FLV. The program works in two ways: via a web application (which is compatible with Windows), and through a third-party extension.

2. Save as PDF:

Save as PDF allows you to download a site in Chrome and uses an interactive HTML-to-PDF web service to accomplish multiple tasks. This extension can be customized according to your requirements, and you can sign-up for a paid account too. The available options are page orientation, password protection, page size, margins, and initial view. All these options can facilitate your work to an extent.

3. MediaSave – Download music for free:

With MediaSave, you can target YouTube, DailyMotion, and other similar sites and comfortably download content in Chrome. This application allows you to download a large number of music files, such as songs, podcasts, audio-books, movies, and other similar things. It supports formats like MP4, MP3, VND, WEBM, and Wav. To install this extension, you would have to accept the Licensing agreement.

4. vGet Extension:

If you want to stream or download web content, you may opt for vGet Extension. It allows you to download a site and share it with a DLNA enabled TV. The developers claim that this extension was designed to load web content at a fast speed, so you can use it to download dynamic web documents with ease.

5. Web Scraper:

It is one of the best Google Chrome extensions that allows you to download a site in Chrome instantly. With Web Scraper, you can create sitemaps and can extract data/information without compromising on quality. It mainly navigates through different web pages and downloads the entire or partial web documents as per your requirements. It is compatible with all operating systems and is available for instant download in Chrome Web Store.

6. PageArchiver:

Do you want to download a site in Chrome? PageArchiver allows you to target both simple and dynamic sites and lets you download them fully or partially. You can export the data to HTML or CSV files or save it to your hard drive for offline browsing. You can also filter different web pages, URLs, tags, titles, and product descriptions to select the right kind of web content. You can also bookmark and save the archives with keyboard key (known as Ctrl-S).